Hockey Fitness Testing

Let us measure your skills and agility both on and off the ice.

Our results can make you a BETTER player!

Determining the fitness level of a hockey player is essential to developing that player to their full potential.

Performance in hockey depends upon many factors. The following five represent major factors which are individual or collective in nature. These elements are: 1) Player physical fitness (off-ice testing) 2) Player technical skill (on-ice testing) 3) Player and team tactical performance 4) Player and team psychological preparation 5) Social cohesion within the team (Lariviere, Godbout, Lamontagne; 1981) hockey It is obvious that some of these components are difficult to evaluate. In a team sport such as hockey, it is virtually impossible to develop a series of objective tests which would serve as a valid measure of total team performance. We can however develop tests to validate an individuals performance. Objectively, this website will evaluate the first two factors of the list, the players physical and technical abilities. The rest are up to the coaches.


From a coaches perspective: There are several reasons why they should periodically evaluate the players and team. Among the most important of these are the need to: 1) Keep the players updated of their progress 2) Diagnose their physical and technical weaknesses’ 3) Guide the coach/trainer in the development of the training program, both on and off-ice. 4) Chart the player’s improvement. 5) Motivate the players by seeing improvement throughout the season 6) Verify the effectiveness of the physical preparation program (off-ice) 7) Selection of players for a team (try-outs).

From an individuals perspective: The better physically fit a player is than the rest of the team, has proven to help make that player stand out among the others. Hockey scouts will look at players throughout a whole game. Players who are able to continue at the same physical level in the late stages of the third period as they did in the first, will stand out to the scouts that count, the N.H.L. Scouts.

Due to our extensive database, we can compare your results to other hockey players of your calibre and age. hockey test For example: Did you know that if a 12 year-old hockey player did 52 push-ups in 60 seconds, they would be in the 100th percentile, while a 16 year old who did the same amount would only rank in the 70th percentile. We can determine these differences to best help you approach the skill level you want to attain. Let us make you a better hockey player by determining your weakness' and then working on them.

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