Want to make some extra money?

For the past six years we have worked hard to develop a Hockey Player profile database in Toronto and across North America for young players of the game. Our goal was to educate hockey players on proper conditioning and injury prevention while providing a fun and informative program. We would like to invite you to review our program and see if your hockey region would allow you to succeed both in exposure and financial gains. partnership We have had the opportunity to develop this program in one of the largest hockey markets in the world, The Greater Toronto Hockey League (G.T.H.L.). The G.T.H.L. has over 7000 athletes playing on over 470 teams. We have tested a significant amount of these players and advanced their game to the next level. We have taken the programs through the internet, now we want to take this same program across North America in the local communities. There is no doubt that the better shape an athlete is in, they will perform better physically and mentally both on and off the ice. We need to educate these players now, on how to prevent injuries and increase their on-ice game. We will assist you in developing a proposal to teams, and how to perform these tests. The tests are extremely easy to administer. The following will explain the fees and services involved with this program. The testing and conditioning program with one of your local hockey teams (15 players) and only 6 hours of work can involve financial gains of over $885. That works out to approximately $147.50 per hour of your time. Hockey coaches today in the minor levels respect our knowledge level and expertise, which can only assist in their overall success. We look forward to your potential involvement.

Off-Ice Equipment Needed:

Jamar Hand dynamometer (can be done without, but certainly more beneficial if you have one) Sit'n'reach station (easy to make with a few pieces of wood, we can give you the directions later if interested or just use a ruler and box) Tape measure Weight scale Stop watch Exercise mat Pylons (4) or markers

On-Ice Equipment needed:

Regulation sized ice rink with nets. Pylons (8) or markers Tape measure Whistle Pucks Stop watch

Partner Procedure:

The books can be ordered on a per need basis – we recommend that you order 20 to start for promotional purposes – meeting with coaches, teams, etc. Market yourself in the community - call coaches/G.M.’s or advertise in local sports papers, etc. Arrange to test the hockey players or team in your community – Time: Approximately 2 hours (Off-ice) or 1 hour (On-ice) to test a full team (15 players). The location of the testing can be done at your local arena. (i.e. several of the tests can be done in a dressing room and the running in the parking lot.) Enter the data into the testing chart (link will be provided). Submit the results. The results will be processed and compared to our extensive database immediately within 5 days. The numbers will then be entered into the athlete’s book, where we will then ship them back to you. Upon return, if the teams participated in the conditioning program, you will be responsible for entering the athletes specific training program in the back of the book (i.e. training sets, reps, minutes, etc.) and meeting and explaining the program to each player (1-2 hours per team). If you just did the testing process, you need to set up a meeting with the coach to distribute the books to the players. (30 minutes per team)


You probably have questions regarding our programs and activities - please read the FAQ section of this website first!