Canadian Sports Therapy Website review

There is an exciting new web site that is specifically guided to young hockey players and improving their physical fitness. CANADIANSPORTSTHERAPY.COM is the latest and seems to be one of the best sites for hockey players of all ages if they are interested in improving their physical fitness level. Even the most inexperienced Internet reader can easily navigate the several pages of information. They offer everything from off-ice testing to excellent articles on hockey injuries.
website specializes in hockey physical fitness testing. The site easily guides you in determining what program may be best suited for your needs, whether you are a coach or parent. They offer on-ice testing and off-ice testing for your team or the individual. What separates from the rest of the testing community is their extensive testing database. They claim to have tested over 9000 hockey players across North America and can therefore compare your fitness results to their database.
The testing process seems to be very simple and can be performed over the Internet with very little equipment necessary. The evaluation will include a key analysis of the players’ flexibility, strength, speed and cardiovascular endurance. The reader will first fill out an information and medical history form. The medical form is completed so they can be certain that the player(s) are healthy to perform the tests. Once the players’ medical is approved, the reader is instructed on paying for the process. The prices for the testing and conditioning programs seem quite reasonable (i.e. $30 per test). They are equipped to accept credit cards online or cheques by mail. The testing manual is then sent to the reader with definitive instructions on completing the tests and where to input the results. After the tests are completed with the help of a parent or coach, the results are analyzed by and immediately mailed back within 3 business days. The booklets that they include with your purchase are in colour with specific tips to hockey fitness related to stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular fitness and nutrition.
Once the tests are completed, an off-ice conditioning program may be initiated to improve the weaknesses discovered in the tests. They have developed an 8-week conditioning program specifically guided to the younger hockey players. This booklet has pictures of NHL players performing the exercises that are required. This is certain to be more motivating for the younger athlete when they see the big time players doing the same exercises.
So if you are looking for some off-season conditioning, or those coaches who want to determine who is the fastest and weakest on your team, check out the website. If you have any questions, visit their dressing room discussion forum to get your answers quickly and see what others have posted. This site is fun to visit, which includes various pictures of NHL players such as Doug Gilmour on the main page, and Canada’s Women National team member, Nathalie Rivard on the off-ice testing page. You will not be disappointed, check them out at

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